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  • Video production – making videos for YouTube, and occasionally screening them at local arts evenings.
  • Tailoring and costume making – I love clothing, and enjoy making costumes. I often buy second-hand curtains to make them into unusual clothing. The items are always unique, and often quite frightening
  • Live comedy – I’m a regular audience member, and provide help for local comedians, including making costumes and puppets for them.
  • Radio drama – I’ve been making a series of wild west radio dramas for a local radio station, and am working to develop them into an ongoing podcast.
  • Cinema – I have a great interest in the history of cinema. I run a blog where I reviewed a film from every year since 1912.
  • Photography – I occasionally do photoshoots for local performers, and I’ve become well-known for my photos at friends’ weddings.
  • Puppetry – in the 1990s I was part of a puppet ministry at my church, and I’ve continued to make use of hand-puppets, both live and on video.

Ben's Bio

I’m Ben and I’ve been helping people learn English online for a few years. I live in Yorkshire, England, and I studied Creative Writing at university. In my spare time I enjoy writing, making music and filming videos for Youtube. In recent years, I’ve been writing and directing radio dramas for a local radio station.

I enjoy teaching English, and finding ways to help people grasp difficult concepts and overcome difficulties. I like to teach people new words and phrases that will suit their interests and their situations. I’m very happy to answer any questions you have about the English language and the culture around it.



Extra Info

As you’ll see from my interests, I’m involved in a lot of creative projects, including a radio-drama series called ‘Cow Children’, and writing and recording a lot of original songs.


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