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Cooking, Reading, Photography

Video games, Movies, Tabletop Roleplaying Games

History, Word Etymology (the history of English words)

Mike's Bio

Hi! My name is Mike, I want to teach you English! I lived in Japan for 5 years in Fukuoka, so I learned a lot about Japanese culture. I hope I can be bridge to help you learn English.

I now live in Toronto. It’s the biggest and most cosmopolitan city in Canada, and a place that I love to call home. My time in Japan helped me to become an ambassador of Canadian culture, so if you have ever had any questions about Canada, feel free to ask.

I love movies and video games, traditional roleplaying games and books. I love to cook and take pictures. And I love talking about the origins of English words.

See you in class!

Hi! 私の名前はMikeです。皆さんに英語をぜひ教えたいです!私は日本の福岡に5年間住んでいたので、日本文化をたくさん学びました。皆さんが英語を学ぶ架け橋になれればいいなと思っています。




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