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Rhonda's Interests

I love Japanese culture. I play Japanese taiko drums, dance Soran , I love to travel around Japan.

I like nature and enjoy hiking and cycling. Dance is my hobby. When I have time I enjoy cooking.

volunteering is my passion and I will be a Tokyo Olympic volunteer .

Rhonda's Bio

I am an American from NY who has lived in Japan for 34 years. I am a nurse. I have 34 years teaching experience to students ages 2 to adult. I have taught all levels from beginner to advance in daily conversation and business. I work at many preschools, elementary schools, junior high , high schools and universities. I have helped students succeed in reaching their English goals for travel, study or work. I help students achieve their speaking goals by practicing for Eiken, Toeic , Toefl or Gtech. I have helped many with practicing for job interviews with English speaking companies. I also help doctor and nurses prepare for patient interviews with foreign patients. Whatever your English speaking goal I am happy to help you. Let’s have fun together.


Extra Info

One of the most interesting things I can share is meeting the Empress of Japan as well as the formal Empress. It was an honor and a pleasure.


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