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Dave's Interests

  • Hiking in local mountains in Japan during spring and autumn.
  • Visiting historic places in Japan.
  • Cooking many kinds of dishes, especially roast dinners.
  • Playing video games.
  • Watching sport, TV dramas and movies.
  • Writing children’s books.

Dave's Bio

I am from Australia and a Griffith University graduate. I have been living in Japan for approximately 15 years and I currently live in Shiga Prefecture. I have also lived in others parts of Japan such as Shizuoka Prefecture and Hokkaido. I have experience in English education for learners ranging from young children, high school students and adults. I have worked as a producer, director of TV programs, and hosted radio programs and English speech contests covering a wide range of age groups. In addition, my teaching experience includes lecturing at university and teaching international business English.


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