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Travelling – I’ve been to many countries. My favorite holiday destination is Italy.

Cooking – I especially like baking English traditional cakes such as Scones and Victoria Sponge.

Piano – I’ve been practicing the piano to accomplish the Grade 8 exam of Royal Schools of Music.

Coast Path Walk – I enjoy walking the South West Coast Path, which is a long-distance footpath in England stretching for 1,014 km, and have completed long sections including the Jurassic Coast.

Bird Watching – I often walk to my local wet land to enjoy observing wild birds such as kingfishers, barn owls, herons, swans and so on.

Keiko's Bio

Hello, I’m Keiko. I’m originally from Gunma, and I worked for high schools in Japan teaching English grammar and reading. I also worked for travel agencies arranging and conducting tours. 

I moved to England in 2005. I live in a seaside town on the Jurassic Coast which is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. In England, I’ve been a travel consult arranging tours for Japanese tourists. I’ve been teaching English Conversation class for Japanese students online since 2013. I’ve also worked for Cafes for about 10 years serving tea and coffee and baking traditional English cakes such as scones, shortbreads, lemon drizzle cakes etc.   

It’s one of my pleasures to share our travel stories and exchange recipes with Japanese students in my lesson. I look forward to having a nice chat with you.  




Extra Info

In my experience of learning and teaching English, I found out that knowledge of the five basic sentence structures and the eight parts of speech in English would help Japanese students, especially beginners, to improve their speaking skill significantly.  

Please don’t worry about making mistakes and feel free to speak English in my class.  I will advise you how to make your speach better. 


私のレッスンでは、間違いを気にしないでリラックスして話してください。 できる限り文法的に説明をしながら、より良い英文で話せるようにアドバイスをさせて頂きます!

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