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Lala's Interests

I enjoy yoga, interval training, weight lifting and hiking.

I love all types of fine and performing arts, music and films. I’m a painter and custom clothing and accessories designer.

I enjoy surfing the internet for information on many different topics from history to nature, to health and cooking.

Scattergories is a word-game that requires you to think of words that begin with a selected letter to answer specific questions within a time limitation.

I enjoy chatting with others from around the world. I have enjoyed that company of Home-stay students from Asian cultures such as Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea.

Lala's Bio

My name is Lala. I was born and live in Canada. I have training and education in fine and performing arts, but also psychology and teaching. I have worked with many different types of people in a variety of social and community environments. I’m a trained actor, aspiring writer, and movie aficionado. I’m interested in people and discussions of all kinds. English is a crazy beautiful language that allows you to express yourself very succinctly or in incredible detail if you so desire. My life experience has taught me a little bit of many things, so you’re welcome to pick my brain and I’ll either know about a topic or I’ll be eager to discover it with you. Either way, you are sure to expose your mind to new English vocabulary. Hope to see you soon.


Extra Info

I have two rascally cats, Rupert who is an orange tabby and Juno who is grey and black tabby. You may hear them occasionally, if they happen to sneak into the room because they’re both nosy. If you’re really lucky, you may get a peek at one of them because sometimes they’re quite insistent.


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