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  • Travelling – I’ve been to more than 13 countries.
  • Cooking – There are some really interesting ingredients to cook with in the U.K.
  • History – I love history. I stayed in Rome for a month by myself to visit historical places.
  • Singing – I used to go to Karaoke a lot in Japan!
  • Reading – I like to read essays, children’s books, blogs, and even food packages!
  • Watching movies –  Especially Richard Curtis’s films like Bridget Jone’s Diary, Notting Hill or Love Actually.
  • Sports – I like tennis, ski, swimming, ice/roller skating, cycling, walking, and yoga.

Hana's Bio

Hi, I’m Hana. I’ve lived in a small village in England since 2006.  I am originally from Yokohama. After graduating from college, I worked for a financial institution for ten years where I had experience of dealing with English speaking customers.  After touring Australia for two months, I returned to Japan to study for the UK governments certified childminder certificate in 2003.  I regularly volunteer at local playgroups and primary schools to introduce Japanese culture. Also, I assist with club activities.

I haven’t studied English at school abroad. I studied English by myself and managed to start to live in the U.K. I learned a lot through life experiences like giving birth, bringing up children, moving, sorting out house problems in England.

As I’m not a native English speaker, I do understand how hard studying English can be.  Even after studying hard, sometimes you can’t say anything in front of native speakers. I really know how you feel!

In my lesson, shall we learn how to communicate with native speakers?  Even if the grammar is correct, they might misunderstand you.  There are some better or natural ways to say things. Also, as I live in England, I can tell the differences between American and British English.  Learning should be fun, so let’s relax and enjoy learning together.  I’m looking forward to seeing you in my class!





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