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My favorite things to do include:
*Going for walks along the river,
Watching the thundering water as the river flows over the edge creating Niagara Falls,
Meditating at the waters edge and recording the falĺs to share.
*Playing with my grandchildren – I have been seen jumping in puddles and rolling down hills.
*Writing- I am an international best selling author
*Painting – some of my work hangs in my office
*Art- I look forward to when galleries are open again but visit virtually right now
*Learning about places I have never visited
*Baking healthy treats, and some that are not so healthy but taste delicious
*Sharing with others ideas of how to live in a healthy happy lifestyle

Jackie's Bio

I live in beautiful Niagara Falls Canada but grew up in the big city of Toronto. As a proud Mum of two girls and fun Grandmother to 3 spend my days when I am not teaching going for ling walks by the river. I believe if you do not learn something new every day, the day has been wasted therefore enjoy learning about the Japanese culture from students during our discussions, role plays and other lesson exercises. I returned to University at the age of 49 and graduated with 2 degrees. One in Adult Education and the other in Visual Arts.
I enjoy the balance teaching brings to my life as it leaves opportunities to spend time practicing my hobbies and creating.
I look forward to meeting you in our classroom.


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