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Social Media Post Examples and Tips


★ Favorite ice cream shop
★ Nearby Park
★ Baseball stadium
★ Robinhood
★ Carousel


★ Liverpool
★ Rila Monastery

Everyday life

★ When I was taking a bus...
★ My favorite coffee
★ American culture food

Events & National Holiday

★ 4th of July in U.S.A
★ The Lights Festival
★ High school graduation ceremony
★ Happy Halloween
★ Dîner en Blanc

Introduce yourself & ZEnglish

★ Will's introduction
★ George's introduction
★ Davie's new born kitty


★ California's sunset
★ It's sunny day!
★ Today's my lunch

Video & Photo Tips


*You can use your smartphone!
*We will edit them, so don’t worry about the style!


*Always use landscape mode (turn the phone sideways!).
*Turn on the grid feature and follow the rule of thirds.
You should have the grid on your iphone/Android. If you don't see it, turn it on in the setting. )
*It’s OK if there is a lot of empty space (called “negative space”) in your photo.


*Shoot from a low angle.
*Get close-up to the subject.
*Keep the shot SIMPLE!
*Video: Move the camera slower than you feel.