STEP 5: Reserving a Class

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STEP 2: Reserving a Class


*You can reserve classes up to 1 week in advance. (Schedule Page 1)
*You can reserve until the class entry time.
*If you want to reserve extra classes, please buy extra points on Add-on page.




Cancelling and Missed Classes

*Cancel Reservation – You can cancel up to 15 mins before the class's Start Time. Points will be deducted if you don't enter a class you reserved.
*Reserved spaces will open up for other students to take 5 mins after the class's Start Time, if you do not use your reserved space your point will still be deducted.


*予約キャンセル:レッスン開始時間15分前まで  ※それ以降はキャンセル不可、ポイントも引かれます