Events / National Holiday

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Events & National Holiday

Original pictures

Mizuki – Pictures / 4th of July in U.S.A

Hey everyone, did you know July 4th is Independence Day of the United States of America? People call it ' 4th of July ' and they celebrate it with fireworks, which is a bit different from Japanese National Foundation Day! As you can see in the pictures, there are many patriotic color (red, blue and white) goods sold during the holiday. If you happen to go to the states in July, get some of them as souvenirs!

Original video

Kyoko – Video / The Lights Festival

I went to The Lights Festival in this summer! It was held middle of the desert in California. I had a beautiful and mysterious experiences.

Original video

Kyoko – Video / High school graduation ceremony

I went to my family’s High school graduation ceremony. Japanese don’t wear gown and cap, so I feel I also wanted to throw graduation cap!

Original picture

Mizuki – Pictures /Dîner en Blanc

Dîner en Blanc - started in France, this summer ‘white party’ has become a tradition in many major cities in the world! Guests are to ware all white outfit and not notified where the event takes place until they get there!! Guests are from all over the place and background. You meet people you never would otherwise. You eat, drink, talk and dance!

Original pictures

Mizuki – Pictures / Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Kids in the states love Halloween and they even have a parade at school. I found my friend's son being a chess piece   people decorate their houses and have fun until very late night...