Level Assessment Guide

A useful guide on what each level means and how to identify them.


Formerly levels 1-3
  • Silence or just "Yes" and "No" answers
  • Very basic grammar with familiar topics
  • Self corrects a lot, hard to understand
  • Unable to express themselves


Formerly levels 4-5
  • Lots of short sentences, or longer sentences using basic conjunctions
  • Able to express ideas or opinions with familiar topics
  • Frequent grammatical errors
  • Awkward expressions


Formerly levels 6-7
  • Beginning to form paragraphs and stories
  • Can state opinions and ideas using details, reasons and complex sentences
  • Lots of filler phrases
  • Can use tenses, but sometimes makes mistakes
  • Displays effort to talk about abstract matters


Formerly levels 8-9
  • Can talk about abstract matters with few problems
  • Very few mistakes overall
  • Logical paragraphs
  • Fluent flow to speech

Detailed Explanations