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Ben – Picture / When I was taking a bus..

As I was boarding a bus last week, I met a woman who had a great big dog. The dog was wearing a jacket which read "I AM BLIND", so I assumed that the woman was blind, and that this was her guide-dog.
However, I soon realized it was the dog who was blind! The woman gave him spoken Instructions; go forward, go left, come around this obstacle - and the dog obeyed, and smiled. This wasn't guide dog - he was a guided dog!

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Mizuki – Picture / My favorite coffee

I was so excited when I went to the store today because I saw the 'fall spice' coffee on sale! Fall spice is my absolute favorite when it comes to flavored coffee. Fall spice contains warm spices like cinnamon, clove, ginger etc... although I get a bit sad when my favorite season Summer approach to the end, I'm OK as long as I have my fall spice coffee.

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Kyoko – Picture / American culture food PB&J

PB&J = Peanuts butter & jelly sandwich which is eaten by every American children! Most kids bring it to school! This is my favorite breakfast!