Personal Growth – The Pyramid of Needs

Personal Growth - The Pyramid of Needs

Teacher: Ben


pyramid –階層

needs -欲求

physiological -生理的

outcast -のけ者

esteem -尊重

self-actualisation -自己実現

Abraham Maslow’s ‘Pyramid of Needs’ is a model of personal growth. The most basic needs are at the bottom, starting with:

1.Physiological needs. We need air to breathe and food to eat. When we have the things our body craves, we next need:

2.Safety. We need a home with a door, and financial security. Health is on this level, too.

3.Social needs. On this level, we all need friendship. We feel a need to be accepted by society. Nobody wants to be a social outcast!

4.When we have physiological, safety and social needs sorted, our next priority is Esteem. We need to be respected by others, so we can respect ourselves. Perhaps we’ll even be famous?

5.Self-actualisation is the highest level. It means becoming your best, truest and most excellent self. At this level, you become the master of your own life.

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