Personal Growth – The Call of the Sea

Personal Growth - The Call of the Sea

Teacher: Ben


call -呼び声

sailor -船乗り

olden days -昔

pirates -海賊

captain -船長

yacht – ヨット

It’s said that people who grow up around boats will always feel ‘the call of the sea’. Wherever they go, however they live, they’ll have a desire to be a sailor.

In the olden days, people who felt the call of the sea often joined the Royal Navy and travelled around the world. In those days, people said ‘Britannia rules the waves’ because the UK had more ships than any other nation. Other people would become pirates, or traders, or they would ‘stow away’, meaning they’d secretly hide on ships until it was too late to send them home. Then the ship’s captain would have to offer them a job.

These days, there are fewer adventures at sea. Those who feel the call of the sea might buy a yacht or a speedboat – both common with very wealthy people – and travel the world at their own pace.

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