Personal Growth – Peace

Personal Growth - Peace

Teacher: Ben


hectic – 非常に忙しい

inwards -内側

peace -平和

hermits -世捨て人

distraction -注意をそらすもの

meditation – 瞑想

The modern world is full of noise and news and hectic activity. Often, people who seek to grow and develop their lives look inwards. They want to step away from the world and have a moment of peace.

Hundreds of years ago they might have become hermits, people who lived on their own in caves, never talking to anyone. The Anchoress of Shere famously asked to be ‘bricked up’ forever behind a wall in a church so she could be alone to pray without distraction. (She later changed her mind, and escaped!). But it’s hard to be a hermit now – civilisation is everywhere!

These days the world is louder than ever, so people find ways to get closer to nature, and more open to their own thoughts and feelings. Many busy businesspeople have turned to meditation, to find some peace each day. Good luck to them!

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