Personal Growth – Must we grow?

Personal Growth - Must we grow?

Teacher: Ben


self-esteem -自尊心

school of thought -流派

utilitarian -功利主義的な

despair – 絶望

cog -歯車

artificial intelligence -人工知能

I often wonder about personal growth – about ‘self-actualisation’, self-knowledge and self-esteem, and whether they’re the only way.

One school of thought says that all things should be done for society, for the ‘betterment of humankind’. (‘Betterment’ is a word only used in philosophy, by the way). That’s quite a ‘utilitarian’ view – that all things should improve overall welfare. Does personal growth really have an outward effect, helping others around us? Or is it something purely internal, to save individuals from despair and depression?

Could a human ever cope living a purely functional life, devoted to their job or their mission, with no life outside work. They would be a monk, or a cog in the machine, until they died. Could anyone live with such a singular purpose? Some day soon, artificial intelligences may ask the same question!

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