Personal Growth – Mid-life crisis

Personal Growth - Mid-life crisis

Teacher: Ben


mid-life crisis -中年の危機

wardrobe -持ち衣装

unhappiness – 不遇

desires – 欲望

significant – 意味のある

middle-age -中年

Some people, when they reach a certain age, have a ‘mid-life crisis’. They think ‘Oh no, I’m forty! I’m half way through my working life, and I haven’t achieved my goals or lived my dreams!’

Suddenly they change everything. Perhaps they change their lifestyle, their wardrobe, even their friends. Some buy expensive sports-cars and try to have a second youth.

People think of the mid-life crisis as a sudden thing, but I believe it’s the result of years of unhappiness. For years they had secret desires for their lives, and when they hit a significant age, the truth comes out! It seems like they’re changing who they are, but maybe they’re finally being themselves!

They say middle-age doesn’t start till you’re 55, these days. But some people have a mid-life crisis at 30!

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