Personal Growth – Level Up

Personal Growth - Level Up

Teacher: Ben


lifestyle -生き方

acquisition -獲得

talent – 才能

points -得点

unlock -ロックの解除

pride -誇り

Personal growth often involves lifestyle changes and the acquisition of new skills. People think, ‘I’d be happier if I was fitter, stronger, if I could speak a new language or master a new talent.’ However, it’s too easy to give these things up after a short time. Each January, thousands of people join the gym, but most of them only ever visit it once or twice.

‘Gamification’ is a recent development that helps people keep motivated. It turns activities into games, with points and levels. You might have an app on your phone to encourage you to exercise or learn. Do it every day for a week and you gain points, or ‘level up’, meaning you go to the next level.  More levels, and you ‘unlock’ achievements and prizes. Suddenly, real life is like the computer game ‘The Sims’. The apps reward us. We feel pride and achievement. Keep trying, level up, and you can achieve anything!

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