Personal Growth – Introspection and philosophy

Personal Growth - Introspection and Philosophy

Teacher: Ben


philosopher -哲学者

wisdom -知恵

exile -亡命

principles -原理

selfish -利己的

maximise -最大限にする

The Greek philosopher Socrates said ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’. He believed we should ask questions of our life and pursue wisdom. At his trial he chose to die instead of accepting exile and leaving his country – he was that convinced of his philosophical principles.

Perhaps we should all examine our own lives and scrutinise our hearts. What are we living for? Why do we make our decisions? Why did we choose our goals? What is our intention in the end? Is it good, or is it selfish? Could it be both?

Who are you? That’s a very simple question, and a very complicated one. We want to grow as people, but why? To maximise our own happiness, or the happiness of society? Is happiness a necessary goal? How much have you examined your own life?

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