Personal Growth – Ethics and Compassion

Personal Growth - Ethics and Compassion

Teacher: Ben


ethical -倫理的な

vegans – 完全ベジタリアン

sponsor – 寄付者

dismaying -残酷

sorrow -悲しみ

tiny -わずかな

As people strive for personal growth, they often make changes to their lifestyles. Some of these are purely practical. Others have a more ethical basis.

For example, many people choose to become vegetarians or vegans, because they want to prevent cruelty to animals. Many donate money to charities to protect people in need. Some sponsor children in other countries, sending regular amounts of money so they can be fed and educated.

We all learn about the world around us, and the world inside us. Global news can be dismaying, full of cruelty, suffering and sorrow. We see where we are part of a bad system and try to make changes. An individual can’t achieve everything, but they can achieve some small, but important things. Even if we only make a tiny positive change, there’s hope.

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