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Mizuki's Interests

  • Culture difference
  • Social issues
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Economics
  • Learning English
  • International affair
  • History of any kind
  • Family
  • International marriage
  • Immigration
  • Business
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Food/Cooking
  • Art
  • Health and Fitness
  • Parenting
  • Study abroad

Mizuki's Bio

Hi everyone! My name is Mizuki. I was born and raised in Japan and moved to Philadelphia U.S.A. in 2006. I studied in Brisbane in Australia, in my childhood. During the high school years, I studied abroad in Oregon, U.S.A. After graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia, I have been engaged in language-related work such as teaching Japanese/English, translation and interpreting. I also obtained TESOL certification in 2014.

I have many teaching experiences besides English, for example, painting and dance! I love cooking and had established a catering company in the past. I am a positive, passionate, grateful and highly motivated teacher who loves to smile. Come check out my class. My class is always filled with laughs!



Extra Info

My English teaching style is practical. I focus on words and phrases that are used commonly in American English conversation. If you are a beginner in English, don’t worry. I can help you with lots of Japanese support too! I believe English is just one of many tools to communicate with others. I love finding out what each student really wants to do, with English they learn here in ZEnglish because their passion is always beyond just the English language!

I live in a city called Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. I found a youtube video to show some places to visit in Philly! I hope you will visit one day!



1on1 Availability


- 10:00-13:00




- 10:00-13:00




- 10:00-13:00





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