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  • Writing and Reading – I am a huge fan of literature, especially history and sci-fi
  • Language – I’m an English-grammar enthusiast. I love helping students with tricky grammar issues.
  • Jujitsu – I love martial arts, I did Judo as a kid and now I do Jujitsu. I think it’s a fun way to stay healthy.
  • Movies, Theatre and TV – I trained as an actor and I love movies and TV shows of all kinds.
  • Gaming – I love computer games – especially strategy games like Civilization and StarCraft. And I love the card game Magic the Gathering too
  • Science – I love keeping up with the latest science, everything from cosmology to biology.
  • History – I am a keen student of history, especially the Roman Empire, Ancient Britain and the Aztecs.

George's Bio

I’m George. I have lived in many parts of the UK and I am a passionate lover of the English language and all its different dialects. I am a writer, actor, gamer, food lover and science-fiction fan. I read as many books as I can, and I am always willing to discuss novels, film and television. I love teaching the beautiful side of the English language, strange phrases, interesting words and dialects.
I love helping students with grammar and pronunciation issues. So, if you struggle with something in particular in English I’ll happily help you. I encourage people to ask questions so they can learn to express themselves better. If you want someone who has studied English accents, dialects and British humour then come have a chat. I look forward to seeing you!


Extra Info

I am TEFL/TESOL certified. I love focusing on a student’s individual issues, whatever they are. Together we can improve your English. I love the English more than anything else in the world, and I want you to love learning it. I want you to learn to express yourself.

I look forward to seeing you in class.



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